While the end result of a construction project is exciting to contemplate, the staff at MITCHELL ENGINEERING recognizes that the construction process can disrupt the lives and activities of people who live and work near a project site. To ensure that construction moves forward with minimum impact on the surrounding community, our team has successfully implemented a number of activities designed to involve community members in our projects.

  • Community Involvement
  • Public Safety
  • Local Government
  • Community Outreach
Community Involvement1 Public Safety2 Local Government3 Community Outreach4


During the construction planning stages the MITCHELL ENGINEERING team works diligently with community members to identify and plan for issues such as commuter traffic patterns, public transportation routes, school openings and closures, and community events.

Through outreach programs, MITCHELL ENGINEERING provides training and job opportunities in the construction field to local residents.  MITCHELL ENGINEERING’s leaders also proactively communicate with the project stakeholders to gather and share important information regarding the status of construction and our plans to keep traffic flowing, allow access to residences and businesses in the area, and maintain the safety of the construction workers and community members.

To keep community members abreast of construction updates, MITCHELL ENGINEERING’s representatives participate in community forums to answer questions and address concerns.  MITCHELL ENGINEERING also collaborates regularly with the project stakeholders to disseminate ongoing and vital information to local media and newspapers, and on relevant web sites. As an organization, MITCHELL ENGINEERING dedicates resources and time to promote the larger goal of the community.  Our individual team members also proudly embrace the importance of community involvement and volunteer many personal hours on projects that enhance the communities in which they work.  Using MITCHELL ENGINEERING’s tools and equipment, our employees have assisted local churches and community organizations with construction projects and performed civil work to revamp parks and playgrounds.

MITCHELL ENGINEERING is an Equal Opportunity Employer and complies with San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.