Pile Driving

Extensive experience in heavy civil construction including pile driving.  The below sample Projects exemplify the capabilities of MITCHELL ENGINEERING.


Projects and Information

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55 Ninth Street – Shoring and Building Excavation Package

San Francisco, California
Project consisted of driving steel piles to shore (and timber lag) the building site perimeter.
Owner:  Avalon Bay Communities
Contract Amount:  $1.5 million (all inclusive)

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Peter R. Maloney Bridge

San Francisco, California
Originally built in 1916 by Mr. Strauss –who designed and built the Golden Gate Bridge, the project consisted, in general, of earthquake retrofitting and rehabilitating the historic Peter R. Maloney Bridge (Bridge No. 34C-0027) in San Francisco, California.  Related work consisted of driving sheet piles to construct a temporary cofferdam, and driving 36″ CISS steel piles for new foundation supports.
Owner:  City and County of San Francisco, Department of Public Works
Contract Amount:  $22 million (all inclusive)

City of Placerville, California
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Highway 50 Placerville Operational Improvements

Placerville, California
Project consisted of the widening of Highway 50 in an effort to reduce congestion in the City of Placerville, California.  Related work included driving steel piles for foundation support for new bridges and other structures, and driving steel piles to shore various structure excavations and construction.
Owner:  California State Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
Contract Amount:  $35 million (all inclusive)